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Caroler Testimonials, continued

"Last year was my first season with The Other Reindeer, and I'm very much looking forward to being a part of many more to come! The group of trained musicians are all incredible to work with, and Colleen is an amazing group leader and arranger. At every single place we went to carol, from private parties to Christmas festivals, the people attending were extremely happy with our performance. On to the next season of spreading more Christmas cheer!" — S, soprano

"I have never encountered and can't imagine a more organized, caroler-friendly group than The Other Reindeer. Colleen gets a LOT of gigs - good gigs - and if you've ever worked with her you'll see why. She's punctual, professional, and follows up. She expects deep professionalism from her carolers, and always gives back the same.The Other Reindeer are a joy to sing for; a gratifying musical and professional experience, with great repertoire, great singers, and a great director. " — J, Bass

"Caroling for Colleen Keene's company 'The Other Reindeer' has been one of the most organized, expertly executed, and enriching vocal performance experiences of my musical career. The talent and musicianship among the singers is top notch, and Colleen runs her company with exemplary leadership, professionalism and seamless communication. 'The Other Reindeer' is hands down the best caroling company out there." — K, alto

"Working for The Other Reindeer has been an amazing experience! I've worked for a couple other caroling companies but nothing compares to the professional, well-organized, fair company that is The Other Reindeer! Colleen is one of the most organized people I know. She communicates well with us carolers and the companies that hire us. We always know where we need to be, what time our call time is,how long the gig is and whatthe compensation will be.She works hard for us and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we are well taken care of. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! The carolers on her roster are professional and amazing singers and I always look forward to singing with each and every person!!" — J, Soprano

"Working for Colleen is just wonderful. She's organized, kind, and makes Christmas caroling feel like an extra holiday celebration. I look forward to it every year." 

— K, Soprano

"The caliber of singers dedicated to TOR is of the highest order. Along with the sheer pleasure of singing the music, I've hugely enjoyed getting to know and perform with such a vast array of accomplished musicians throughout the south coast!" — K, bass

"I've sung with multiple caroling companies before, and it's usually a mixed bag. Some offer plenty of opportunities, but their (sometimes unrealistic) demands can make an already busy time of the year that much more stressful. Others require learning a huge book, without the rewards of numerous gigs, decent pay, or a consistently high performance standard. Working with Colleen and The Other Reindeer offers the best of these worlds - ample opportunities to sing with great singers, fair pay, flexibility, and the benefits of a well run organization. If you genuinely enjoy caroling and are looking to expand your opportunities during the holiday season, this is a great company to consider." - M, bass

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The Other Reindeer Costumed Christmas carolers are available in the following locations:

The Other Reindeer is one of the business names of Keene Music Services, LLC. We provide singers and choirs year-round for events of all kinds. 

• Los Angeles County, California 

• Ventura County, California

• Orange County, California

• San Francisco Bay Area

• New York City

• Denver