The Other Reindeer Carolers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a minimum time you will do?

A: Yes! We have a 30-minute minimum.

Q: How many songs do you sing?

A: Our entire repertoire is about 100 songs, but in a 30-minute set we will sing about a dozen songs. Carols tend to be shorter than pop songs, so we usually can sing 18-20 per hour.

Q: Do you take requests?

A: Of course! You can choose your own entire setlist, if you like. If you have any special or specific song requests, it will help us to know them in advance. Our complete songlist can be found here. If you want to hear a song that isn’t on that list, please ask; if we don’t have it in our library, you always have the option of paying for a custom arrangement (usually $100-200 depending how much notice we have) so that we can sing it in 4-part harmony for you.

Q: Do you take breaks? How many?

A: We typically take 10 minutes of break time for every hour of the booking. So if you book us for two hours, we will take two 10-minute breaks. We generally space them as evenly as possible, but we can be flexible if you have a specific schedule you need to stick to! We do not take breaks in engagements that are 45 minutes or shorter.

Q: Am I expected to tip the carolers?

A: Tipping is appreciated, but it is not expected. Please let us know if you do not want us to accept tips from your event guests.

Q: What do you wear? Are there different options?

A: Our most popular clothing option is the classic Victorian carolers look, sometimes also called a Dickensian Carolers look. We also offer a “Suits & Cocktail Dresses” option for more of a vocal jazz look (For formal events, tuxedos in lieu of suits is also possible). If you would like a more casual look, we can wear festive Christmas sweaters (we don’t call them Ugly Christmas Sweaters because we think they are cute!). You can visit our Gallery to see pictures of us, or visit our Instagram!

Q: How many of you are there?

A: We typically sing in groups of four; the number of singers coming to your event will be specified on the contract you sign so you won’t be surprised by getting more or fewer singers than you expected. However, we have a large roster, so  if you would like a larger group to sing for you, let us know and we can give you a quote!

Q: Do you provide insurance?

A: Liability insurance is one of our optional offerings. For an additional fee of $35, we can provide a Certificate of Insurance naming your organization as an additional insured on our policy. General Liability limits: 2 million per occurrence, 4 million aggregate.

Q: Can I book carolers for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

A: Yes, but availability is limited, so please inquire early (2-3 months in advance, at least)

Q: Can I audition to sing with you?

A:  Click here for information about singing for The Other Reindeer!

Q: How much do you charge?

A: The biggest factors determining how much we charge are the length of the engagement and the location. If you know the date, the time, and the approximate location, click here to get a quote!

The Other Reindeer Costumed Christmas carolers are available in the following locations:

• Los Angeles County, California

• Ventura County, California

• Orange County, California

• San Francisco Bay Area

• New York City

• Denver

The Other Reindeer is one of the business names of Keene Music Services, LLC. We provide singers and choirs year-round for events of all kinds.