If you have Accepted a gig and you realize that you will be ill or sick, whether or not is it Covid-19, please contact me immediately to arrange for a sub. I may ask you to reach out to potential subs yourself, but always contact me before anyone else.

If I cannot find you a replacement gig (meaning in addition to any others you had Accepted at the time you notified me you were sick) before the end of the season, If requested in writing, I will compensate you the value of the lost gig up to $125.

This is one valid for up to one engagement per singer for the 2022 season, and should not be used for any purpose except illness and/or loss of voice. TOR reserves the right to request a doctor's note to confirm your condition.

DO NOT PERFORM WHEN YOU ARE ILL. If your voice is affected, even if you no longer feel sick, for the purposes of this policy you are still considered sick.

This page was updated on June 1, 2022