I have prepared what is hopefully and easy-to-read and helpful document regarding how to put a costume together for performing with The Other Reindeer.  Clicking on the little picture should download a PDF.

New singers, please have a fully assembled and wearable costume no later than November 1st, but sooner is better, as you will be offered gigs sooner.  Ideally you will bring it to a rehearsal so I can see it---a picture is less desirable---but make sure it is a full-body picture in good lighting if you send a picture.

Women can wear riding hats, mini-top hats, or other period headwear instead of only bonnets (bonnets are still great though!)

I have a decent selection of costume pieces that can be rented from me. Please contact me for details.

I know the links in the guide are very outdated, but the

information and pictures are still relevant!

This page last updated May 25, 2022.