(This page applies to Los Angeles-area singers only)

My goal this year is to have 6-8 total rehearsals:

--2 "Basic Rep" choral-style rehearsals, about 3 hours long

--2 "Scaroling" choral-style rehearsals (90-120 mins, might be combined with an Extended Rep rehearsal)

--1 or 2 "Extended Rep" rehearsals

--2 "Small Group" rehearsals that where you sing a variety of music in small groups (so that everyone has ample opportunity to sing one-on-a-part)

There is usually a "Last Chance" rehearsal in the first or second week of November, too, for people who weren't able to attend adequate previous rehearsals

How many rehearsals do I need to attend?

The number of rehearsals you attend is up to you, but here are some guidelines:

New carolers should plan to attend at least one Basic Rep rehearsal and at least one Small Group rehearsal.

Returning carolers are advised to attend at least one Extended Rep rehearsal or one Small Group rehearsal.

Attending the Small Group rehearsals is the easiest and lowest-pressure way for me to assess your preparedness for gigs, and they are the most fun, and the most like actual gigs.

I will try to make the rehearsals as centrally located as possible, but since LA is a big place, you should be prepared to drive up to an hour to attend rehearsal.

The rehearsal schedule should be established by the first week of September.

This page last updated May 25, 2022


2022 Rehearsal Schedule TBD