(The Gig Sheet works best in Google’s Free Chrome browser.)

There is a drop-down menu for each cell. Please choose the option that best fits your availability, but you can force other text if nothing fits.

PLEASE don’t leave blanks.

Not all these gigs are confirmed with the client - in fact some are pretty tenuous - but if no carolers indicates they want it, I'm not going to pursue that gig, so please try not to use that as a factor in whether or not you say YES to gigs.  


You should be able to edit your row and ONLY your row. Please email me right away if that is not the case. 

Please fill in all blanks in your row, so I know you’ve seen and weighed in on the gig. You can use TBD if nothing else fits.

There will be a lot more gigs coming.

Numbers of gigs performed by the end of that season, per year:

2021: 133 gigs (still during a pandemic)

2020: 54 gigs (during a pandemic!)

2019: 161 gigs

2018: 155 gigs

2017: 133 gigs

2016: 120 gigs

2015: 116 gigs

2014: 102 gigs

2013: 83 gigs

2012: 55 gigs

2011: 33 gigs

2010: 5 gigs

2009: 2 gigs

I expect to start sending out Gig Offers around October 15th to people who have an approved costume and have met my musical preparation standards, but they will keep coming throughtout the season to people who update the Gig Sheet regularly. I typically I book about half of the entire season’s gigs after November 1st so you must keep checking and updating the Gig Sheet throughout the season.

The Gig Sheet changes everyday, as Gigs are added or clients fail to book. Please bookmark the Gig Sheet and check & update it frequently; I rely heavily on this spreadsheet to know who is interested and available, so I advise you check it every day - I can book gigs faster that way.

If you are having trouble with seeing the part of the Gig Sheet you want to see, please know there are two ways to change the zoom level on a computer - at the browser level, in the Chrome "View" menu, or at the document level, in the Google Docs "View" menu. Tinker until you find a good fit for your device.

Gig Sheet troubleshooting:

If you are having trouble editing the Gig Sheet, please check:

    1. Are you logged into the google account associated with the google email address you gave me?

    2. Have your tried relaunching the page?

    3. Have you tried quitting and restarting the browser? (The Gig Sheet tends to run the best in the Chrome      browser on computers and in the Google Sheets app on smartphones)

    4. After you have tried these, ask me to check the settings on my end.

    5. If I say everything looks normal, check to make sure that your software is as up to date as possible.

    6. Restart your computer

    7. That’s all I got.

All Gig Offers are sent via email, and need to be accepted via email as well.


2022 Gig Sheet - Available Early Sept