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The Other Reindeer Christmas Carolers rates

(excluding Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

Costumed Quartet of Christmas Carolers is our most popular choice!  Two men and two women wearing beautiful Dickensian costumes from the Victorian era, singing in beautiful four-part harmony.

Costumed Quartet for 1 hour: $400

Costumed Quartet for 2 hours: $525

Costumed Quartet for 3 hours: $650

Costumed Octet of Christmas Carolers is double the fun and double the volume!  Perfect for large celebrations, the costumed Octet will make your event REALLY memorable!

Costumed Octet for 1 hour: $750

Costumed Octet for 2 hours: $975

Costumed Octet for 3 hours: $1150

Do you have a stage that you’d like for us to perform on? We can provide a sound system (2 speakers, 4 mics & cables) for an additional $150.

Discounts are available for multiple Christmas Carolers bookings.